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Assume Works! make life easier. I had huge works load for my product photography, but its takes me huge times. Finally, i got this company with very affordable price. I did a free trial first. they did great works with quick turnaround time. very happy to works with them. i should recommend them.

We have shoe company called we need photo editing 500 images per month. we doing outsource our photo editing works with very efficient and affordable price. we love to works with them further and recommended. you guys can use them free trial first after then if you like it and make the real orders.

Meky Loren, Badorf Shoe

Finally, we got the professional photo retouching company. We do all the clothing retouch with We getting works done within 24 hours. Very professional team. We did a live conference with them through Skype. So we can understand they have office and team. We have contract next two years with good price.

Jemmey Makki, Revolve

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